Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Sissy

I could never say Julee when I was little, so my sister was Sissy to me.

My Sissy turned 50 this weekend and we w
ent to celebrate with her. Wow, time flies!
The corsage was a "joke" corsage. She had one made for my mom one time. What comes around, goes around ;)

Uncle Kurt with Abbi

Brenna and Matt

The elusive Marilyn and Tony
Grandpa and Wayne

I caught Natalie sitting down, that doesn't happen much ;)
Happy Tim and Alec
Kyra and Grandpa

We all had a great time.


Ren said...

Awwww....Sierra is "sissy" too. How sweet. I really don't want to picture her at 50 just yet (cuz dang, I'll be like 200 or something);)

Kurt said...

You got a GREAT LOOKING family there.