Sunday, April 29, 2007


We had a really nice day yesterday. Last week Kyra proclaimed that we had to go on a picnic this weekend, so off we went!

The snow and ice has cleared so we were able to hit the bike paths over at Lake Bemidji State Park. :) Even the lake was clear a few days ago. Much to my s
urprise Tim and the girls informed me that they saw a couple of sunbathers jumping into the lake! Brrrrrr...

The whole family went biking. It felt so good to get out in that fr
esh air. I just love the smell of the trees and the lake.

These pictures are still pretty gray, no green leaves yet, but it still felt amazing out there. Big sighs from me as I was going down the paths. In a few w
eeks, these paths and areas will be a sea of green.

The following 2 are of a camping site that I would like to camp at, its so nice. Come on up and visit and we'll go camping! :)

After a while Alec decided he had had enough so he and I headed back home. Tim and the girls went on to bike some more. Alec wanted to share with me some of the bosses that he was discovering in the new Kingdom Hearts he's playing.

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Schuyler said...

I feel so blessed when Simon wants to share a game with me. Or Linnaea wants me to come and see her snail zoo. It is wonderful to take that grouchy, crabby voice that says "I'm doing something else, why do they always interupt me," and turn it into the voice that says "they want me, they want me to be involved in all of the minutia and wonderful day to day of their lives," and how can I possibly grumble over something like that. So, how cool to have Alec want to show you the bosses on Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix.