Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Alec

Man, is Alec psyched. He finally got his Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, after waiting 10 *business* days-- all the way from Hong Kong, ITS HERE!! hee hee

I initially wondered why he would want this game when he's totally annihilated the original Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 already? Well,,, there's actually 20 new bosses. He's already come across 2 and he says "They are sooo worth it!!!" hehe, he's so happy.

Very cool. The game is Japanese but the characters still talk in English, go figure. But that 's all the English there is. He printed up a bunch of charts with Japanese characters and all sorts of terms to aid him in his playing. We were very excited when we figured out the little download to our computer so we could print Japanese characters. He also had to figure out what type of converter to get in order to play a Japanese game on our PS2. You order one of these:slide card with swap magic, which came pretty quick, and worked just right. :)

Early on he didn't know if he'd want to learn Japanese at all, but as he's been playing he's changing his mind a bit. Tonight he's thinking it might be cool. (I've gotten out all of our Japanese reference books and we're ready!)


Another cool thing that happened today was that we started a yoga class again, a family class which we love and Alec came with :) He had never really wanted to go before but he decided to give it try this time. It was so fun to go with all 3 of the kids. What a glorious day~ and Tim comes home tonight too.

On the yoga theme~Namaste~

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Snavleys said...

The yoga place I go to only does family yoga in the summer, that would be fun! I am REALLY loving doing the yoga!