Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why would they do that all on their own?

Suggesting to take the dog for a walk and learning to subtract are 2 things I saw happen today. Both are things that my kids are doing of their own free will. Choosing to do something is a lot more joyful and fulfilling than doing something out of guilt, pressure or coersion.

Alec suggested we take Saddi for a walk. Its a beautiful fall day and he felt like getting outside, "lets take her for a walk mom". Cool.

Kyra and I were playing Monopoly (Lord of the Rings Monopoly, of course *g*) and she passed go and landed on Bag End. "Yay!" exlaimed Kyra,, she had been wanting that property. The price of Bag End is 60 power (in this monopoly its power instead of dollars) I'm just about ready to say, "OK Kyra just give yourself 140 because you passed go and that's what 200 - 60 would be" but I paused a second and she says "hmm, lets see 200 - 60 is 140". She happily reaches over to the bank and gets her money. Wow. I don't think she's ever done a math worksheet, maybe 1 out of a workbook we have downstairs, but we've never "done math" and she's figuring it out.


Vicki said...

Isn't it amazing? my Jacob loves figuring out percentages of things, and for a while described everything as a percentage. when I asked him how he learned X, he said "my calculator, I learn all kinds of things from it" That was his favorite xmas gift he received one year. :)

kelli said...

yep, it is amazing. And when i'm present in the moment i can see it everywhere. This is all from unschooling coming into our lives.

savor every moment :)

"Life is a journey, not a destination" (from the inside of my zipper to a pair of my favorite jeans *g*)or was it Steven Tyler,, or Ralph Waldo Emerson. *g*

Ren said...

Hey, when a WOW player suggests anything else as an activity, it IS a big deal!!:) lol