Saturday, October 21, 2006

Seeing the joy

I just love listening to people talk about what excites them, what brings them joy.

2 weeks ago we had an opportunity to go to a presentation at our local science center. We were told the presentation was on wildlife from the Sonoran Desert area. And we heard that the man doing the presentation had the cutest little owl with him. We had to go, we love owls (ever since Harry Potter) and since we had just been down in that area of the country for the Live and Learn, thought it would be cool.

Well, it was cool. It was so much fun to hear this man talk about these animals. They are such a passion of his. He has ended up with these animals from different situations that hadn't worked for the animals or the people that tried to keep them. He also had another owl, a falcon, a spider and snakes besides this adorable owl. Oh,, and had such interesting stories about each of them.

Above is a picture of Ben/Bubba with Tut (Tut is the owl, named that because he moves his head like an Egyptian *g*) And he was the cutest owl I've ever seen. That's his full grown size too.

Here's an article with more information about them both ;)

One of my hopes is that in doing this unschooling life, my kids will find joy in their lives. As they find their joy each day, it will continue into their adult life.

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