Saturday, October 28, 2006

A birthday wish

Yep, today is my birthday :) and I have a wish. I wish for all parents to say yes to their children as much as they can. Throw out those thoughts of "spoiling" their kids. Love in abundance and attention to your kids will only benefit your child and enrich all of your lives. Amazing things can happen if we allow it.

Here's a great article that a fellow Minnesota unschooler brought to an unschooling discussion list (thanks Amy!)

and Sandra Dodd has some related thoughts on it too,

have a great day and spend some time with your kids!


Sandra Dodd said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday!!

Ren said...

What a great birthday wish! Hope your birthday was perfectly fantabulous.:)

kelli said...

thanks guys, it was a great day--hiking with the fam and then to the Irish pub :-D, very nice~