Monday, October 02, 2006

Imagination and Creativity

I'm just blown away, daily, by the imagination and creativity that I see in my home. Kyra draws things pretty much continually. In various directions these drawings go, as far as one interest then on to another. A couple of days ago she was drawing various Halloween images and super heroes. Yesterday it was more super heroes and what her Halloween costume is going to look like. (Above is Kat Man and his arch enemy Mighty Mouse)

Another thing she did yesterday was create a haunted room and scared her older sister and brother. We all had fun with this extra room that she made scary with spider webs and candles lit. She also dressed me up in the Scream mask, as her dead person laying in a bed. *g*

Abbi's imagination really amazed me last week when I read through her book that she's writing. She's on chapter 5 now and to me it seems like a science fiction type thriller. I couldn't believe the action, descriptive passages and style that she's showing in her writing! Wow! I was like,,"where did this come from?" LOL Amazing. I'm going to help her today in finding out the process behind getting a book published and all those details. On the way to Duluth she was just full of questions and thoughts on the whole process.

Alec, at first glance from me, would seem to be the least creative of my kids. (mark the words at first glance) He has never enjoyed painting, drawing or wanted to make a whole lot as far as crafts. But one look into how he thinks and problem solves,,,, so creative, so imaginitive and original. He looks at things in such a unique way that I can only describe it as imaginative or creative. At first glance you wouldn't see the products, the crocheted items, the paintings, or the writings, BUT in looking further and deeper you see the results in solved problems, answers to questions and accomplishing results. His creativeness is much more internal, so much always going on in his head. I love his view on things and most likely he is correct and accurate in his observations. Again, amazing. :)

**WAIT** More obvious imagination goings on in him, that I totally had forgotten,,,*DOH* dueling make believe fights with sticks, light sabers, swords with his friends. Running around the yard as different villians and good guys. Imagination running amuck and I forgot.

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