Monday, June 15, 2009

Need more shoulder room!

We were gone for the week-end and I wondered if our baby birds would be gone when we got back, but they're not! They do look like they'll be taking off soon though.

And... there are 5 up there!

We've discovered some interesting facts about these birds. Both parents feed them and sat on the nest when they were tiny or hatching. And the more interesting/gross fact -- the parent will keep the nest clean by grabbing birdy poo and flying away... efficient, but we were kind-of in a ... ewwww stage while watching.

Last week I was worried that they were going to fall out because they looked so unaware of their surroundings, kind-of wobbling around; now they seem to know right where they are, they even turn around when they have to do their duty, as to not get it in the nest.. only on my porch.

I think these 2 adult birds are BUSY..

Here are the babies wanting more food.


Kimba said...

amazing aren't they? We've never had birds nesting in such a visible place before (okay, the pigeons downtown don't count ;) How cool that you can watch them so easily.

Heather said...

I love these pictures! How cute! When we were on vacation there were two nests, each with babies. We couldn't see the babies very well.

gail said...

The second blog I've read tonight with Baby Birds...I want some!!