Monday, June 08, 2009

Early Saturday morning, Tim, Abbi and I trekked up to Helen GA. Helen is a town about an hour north of us that was built to resemble a German alpine village. Check out the buildings in the pictures, it's really fun visiting there, like a quick visit to Germany :)

But we weren't visiting Helen to look at the buildings or check out the quaint
shops, we were there to see hot air balloons. The Helen to the Atlantic Balloon Race was going on and fortunately for us it had rained Thursday and Friday so the balloons were taking off on Saturday morning.

Abbi loved this group of balloons.

It was really cool to see.

After we got our fill of balloons we found a German cafe and had a yummy breakfast. I had fried battered apple slices that were so yummy.


Heather said...

Hot air balloons are so amazing and magical. We have a hot air balloon festival near us every year. We've never seen the balloons take off though because they go so early. My favorites are the dark colored balloons too!

Frank said...

I love anything that flies!

My mom used to make apple fritters that sound like the things you ate. They were wonderful and I ahven't thought of them in years. Maybe it's time for breakfast!

Cam@Journey Wildly said...


I've been there! When I was younger, I spent every summer with my grandparents in Norcross, and we drove up there once! I loved it! We stopped at the nearby Babyland General Hospital so that I could get my first cabbage patch doll. I think I was about ten. It's an awesome memory to have!

Have you ever seen a balloon glow? Where they fire them up at night? That was something cool to see!!

mindy said...

Helen is a very interesting place. We "tubed" there 2 years ago, right through the middle of town, with people watching from the restaurants above, pointing and laughing while they drank their German beers. Laughing and pointing because we were basically DRAGGING our a**es along the bottom of said river. Very little tubing invovled. Ah yes, great memories of Helen, GA :)

Rinnyboo said...

I've been to Helen! It's near my in-laws' house, so one year my husband and I went there on our anniversary. I wish we'd seen hot air balloons though. That would have been super cool!