Friday, June 19, 2009

Finding elbow room

They're still there but I have a feeling it won't be long now.

Look at the guy on the left, he's decided to find a little extra space on the pillar, out of the nest, don't fall buddy! And then look at the 2 on the right, the outside one has his wing around the other one. Close quarters will make you cozy up!

We keep jumping up on our chair that's in the piano room to check on our birds, wondering when they'll fly. We'll let you know when it happens :)


Cam said...

They DO look ready to take off!

Are you baking in this heat? I knew it would be hotter here this summer when we moved in January, but this is almost too much! We are heading to Wild Adventures in Valdosta for our son's birthday tomorrow, and it is supposed to be 103! Where are we, the desert? Goodness!

I added a family unschooling blog a couple of weeks ago, dylan's wild rumpus. I am loving this online community of unschoolers!

Not sure if you remember me, I'm Cam, and we moved to southern Georgia back in January...


Rowan said...

I saw two baby birds learn to fly a while ago. Now we all watch them flying around the yard :).

kelli said...

I remember you Cam :) Yes, it's really warm, I'm staying in today, nice day to enjoy the AC!

That's so cool Rowan! I just looked at the nest and there are only 3 left now.