Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sounds right

A lot of times when I have lots of things going on I really have a hard time sitting down and blogging. Yes, I'm busy, but mostly I have all these ideas swirling around in my head and I can't pick which ones to write about.

So tonight I'm going to do a simple little thing, tell you about some different sounds I've heard tonight. We've just returned from a trip down to Florida, which was wonderful, but I'm very tired. And when I'm tired I tend to be very sensitive (a surprise right?) I tend to hear, smell, and respond to everything, so here's what's swirling around me right now.

Popping sounds from Abbi clicking on different things on Sims3. She's just found a new challenge for that game, pretty interesting.. it's called the Legacy Challenge.

Snoring from Saddi, she was here in Gainesville while we were in Florida. She played and ran with our neighbors' dogs, she hasn't moved from this spot here by me since she came home, 5 hours ago!

Alec playing the drums downstairs, the real drums, and I can feel the vibration on my butt as I'm sitting in the kitchen. He wanted to start up drum lessons so we called a place and he loves the instructor. I'm so glad.

*blurp,blurp* The kids' cell phone making the noise it makes when a text comes through. Kyra has become the all around pro texter, she can text her best friend Samuel in TN for free, and lots of other friends. (if you're on Verizon, she can text ya!) Oh, and for those of you who didn't know we don't have our home line any more, we've gone to total cell phone usage.

Tim walking this way and that, carrying boxes from the garage, opening boxes and mumbling phrases to himself. Yes! He's getting ready to go out tomorrow morning to sell his new heart med, Go Tim!

And me? A cough. Kind of boring isn't it? But I've been coughing the last couple of days, don't know if it's allergies or just having too much fun with my friends. All I know is it's worth it!

This is a flower I saw this morning, it's a little vining flower, so pretty. I was a bit bummed that I didn't have my camera with me, I forgot it! But then I remembered my phone! Rock on :)


laura said...

yum to all the sounds in your house right now!!!

gonna have to look into this "free texting" thing because samuel has flying fingers too now!!

i suddenly feel like crying and i don't know why. hmmm, i guess want to see you guys again soon. i'm as bad as the kids now!!! "when mom, when??" LOL

Madeline Rains said...

I love this post, and you posting again. : ) I'm so happy to have been with you in FLA.

Ren said...

I love hearing about the sounds at your house.:)

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

I love all of the sounds. :) Let's see, I'm picking out Alec's drumming, because Jesse plays guitar and Owen just started bass. Their instructor is a great guy who helps them learn to play the music they connect with -- heavy metal and shred guitar for Jesse, Japanese rock for Owen. So, right away I wondered what kind of music Alec is into?

kelli said...

He loves metal. Right now I think one of his favorite bands is Dream Theater, for the drum parts especially. He loves complex music. He is now learning music notation/time signature stuff from his interest in Dream Theater. They actually have a song where they change time signatures 104 times in under 6 minutes! Also, Alec learned all about mental illness from one of their songs.. very interesting.. :)

mindy said...

loved hearing the sounds of your life

Silvia said...

What do you use for internet? Ours is through the phone company--land line. But Eddie was telling me you can get an internet card from the cell phone co. that you can use instead. If we had strong signal here, we'd do it and drop the land line. I think it costs around $50/mo for the internet through Sprint's cell phone service. A lot cheaper than keeping the land line with the internet, since 3 of us have cell phones too.

kelli said...

Silvia, we are on comcast for our internet. I'm not sure how consistent your connection would be with a card, you could ask others how it's gone for them I guess? I know for Alec's raiding, he was like..."eek! no cell phone internet!" But who knows, they're improving technology all the time!