Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Drum inspiration

On the last blog post, Laura asked what music Alec was interested in now. I wanted to share this video. He loves this, it's Dream Theater. He still loves Metallica too, and will be going to their concert the beginning of October.

There are 104 time signature changes here, in under 6 minutes. (I think, that's what I read anyway, anyone, feel free to correct me, Alec?) There is also some ragtime music going on in that song, pretty cool. Of course we had to get some Scott Joplin up on YouTube after they pointed that out. :)

And here is Mike Portnoy, their drummer, explaining some of his part.

Another one of their songs is all about mental illness, that also lead to lots of discussion.


Frank said...

Remind Alec of the drummer's oath:

I will not add a fill just because I feel like it.

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

I can't wait to show this to Jesse! He's really interested in learning more, and wants composing software for his computer for his birthday, in September. (We'd get it for him now, but he's researching what's available, seems content to wait and anticipate.)

I know next-to-nothing about music. Your kids are so lucky that you speak that language, Kelli!

Wonder if Jesse will want to learn more about Scott Joplin, now! He reads Jason Becker's blog, and picked up on some classical terms and composers there. Jason was a talented guitarist when he was dxed with ALS at age 20. He still composes, though he can move only his eyes, now. Jesse learned a lot about ALS, which Mark's dad has, too.

Connections are fascinating, fast and furious, sometimes, aren't they?!