Monday, March 02, 2009

A March Birthday Party

We joined forces this weekend with the Lovejoys, to celebrate Alec's and Duncan's birthday. They each invited a few friends join in the celebrations and Kelly and Ben were gracious enough to host the festivities :)

Here are the guys! Happy Birthday Duncan and Alec!

Most of the Bowman crew were there (minus Scotty who had to work) and they furnished the bunch of us with glorious hats.

Here's Duncan... pimpin' out

And Kelly

Alec doin' the Top Hat thang

Happy party goers

We played games and hung out for a good time. I don't think Duncan got to play quite as much nerf gun action as he wanted because it was rainy but they sure took advantage of breaks between showers.

Here he is with Logan and Bo. They were awesome! Alec was telling me that they were doing "mods" with their nerf guns. I thought that was really clever.

Kyra looking like a perfectly adorable gift

On our way home we had a treat.

We thought "treat" as the snow started falling. It was so pretty, big fluffy clumps of snow. But then we got to the interstate and it was less than a treat and more like a threat. How quickly we forget the dangers of snow and speeding cars. We saw 5 accidents all within a 1/2 hour of time. 2 before we got to the interstate and 3 on the interstate. Not so fun. We did get home safe and sound, thanks to Tim's experienced driving skills and we were then able to be excited about the snow again.


Madeline said...

Happy Birthday Alec! That's so scary about the accidents. You see why this city needs to shut down when we have snow? : ) I hope no one was seriously hurt.

Kyra-Bagheera said...

Haha, that's a really funny picture of me.
But it was so fun!

laura said...

we had a great time too!!! we ended up staying an extra day because of the big bad weather...glad we did too because on the way home as we got up in the mountains we could see where all the snow had been scraped off the roads and it was bad in a lot of places. yuck!! home now and resting =). see you guys soon!!

glad you liked all the hats =)