Friday, February 23, 2007

a year

My heart is tearing
The snow is falling
I sit here

I think of the joy
The happiness in those hazel eyes
The laughter between the girls

My mind goes back to mommy and the satsuma
The sweetness
The bitterness
The tears
The sounds, the silence
Anger outside in the cold

Breathing now
Sending my love, our love
You are amazing, you are divine
This storm cannot stop my wishes for you

Wishes of love
Wishes of comfort
Wishes of joy, and good memories
Wishes of happiness to come

~my love, our love, to you my friend~


Snavleys said...

Very sweet Kellie! Couldn't even bring myself to reading Diana's blog this morning, started to and the tears just started rolling - and I didn't even know Hannah. I know you are all missing her very much.

♥ diana ♥ said...

Exactly where we need to be...
I love you!

tribalmama said...

That was beautiful and so painfully, joyously true.