Sunday, February 04, 2007


We've been felting-- dry felting. I bought this felting tool quite a few months ago and have been meaning to get some wool to try it out. When I saw Julie Person's wall hanging I was tempted to try it but still didn't get out. Then we watched Lady in the Water and there were some amazing images at the beginning. I then got out and got some wool. :)

The girls have made these various pieces:

We've made these with scraps from Bemidji Woolen Mills. A store right here in Bemidji that we were able to buy the scraps from for $.90 !

I made this with the person Abbi made :-D (the person is me, so the wall hanging is "Story meeting Kelli")
We're planning on making lots more with wool. I've ordered some needles to work with and some colored wool roving. Can't wait!


Steffi said...

very nice creations with wool.I like it and I want to see more :O)!


Deanne said...

Those are beautiful! Now I have yet another new thing I want to try. Looks like fun, can't wait! Thanks for sharing.

sammimag said...

They look great! Maybe I need to get out some of my koolaid dyed wool and felt some more. Thanks for the inspiration.

tribalmama said...

So cool girls! We saw Lady in the Water too and still talk about it. What a great movie, eh? Of course you creative crafty people would actually get an idea to do the wool thing!

Snavleys said...

Very cool!!