Tuesday, December 05, 2006

W.O.W. what a life.

We've had WOW (World of Warcraft) in our life now for about a year. And its been a blast. Most of our family plays and have thoroughly enjoyed our life in the world of Azeroth!

Below was our set up last weekend. We just got a laptop that has the capability to play it too! :) So Ben, our nephew, is playing there also. Alec is playing his dwarf there and Abbi is probably roleplaying in a roleplaying server. (More details about that later. :)

Alec right now is enjoying the status of level 60. 60 is as high as you can go right now, I say right now because in January an expansion is coming out and then you can level to 70. Wow! And I mean Wow! ;)

Alec's game play has changed quite a bit in the last couple of months. At level 60 you can group with other people and do large group instances. At earlier levels you could do 5 man instances but now at level 60 Alec can do 20 man and 40 man. This larger group activity is usually called raiding. You usually get together with your guild and do these very organized (organized if you want it to go successful) instances. An instance is an area in the game where only people in your party get to participate. Others walking around will not see you or your party members. The experience is created just for the party (your group).

Here's a picture of Alec's guild looking at Onyxia. He did this last night and was sooo excited about it. This group activity(instance) is designed to be done by a 40 man group. Alec's guild is just getting going on the end game instance so they only had 26 people. Which was amazing, they almost brought her(Onyxia, the dragon) down. Their FIRST time! They got her down to 23% of her health before everyone wiped. (Alec's term,, wiped --everyone getting killed)
You can't really see Alec's character (Brincamian) because he's a little guy, a dwarf. His red little head might be up at the top but I'm not sure if that him or another dwarf. They are all just standing in awe of her. :) It is so fun to watch/listen to all of this. The use teamspeak so the members doing it can talk to each other, beside typing messages too. Although they only allow the raid leader, usually, to talk,, you can imagine the chaos that could ensue if all 20-40 people were talking. Its amazing, the organization it takes to do one of these things, the patience and thinking that goes into it all.

Their guild is called the riders of pern, you'll see that below each character's name.

Here's another picture. This is Brincamian, doing his dwarf dance. We love having the character's dance. My character which is a human does the macarana. :P I'll post some more pics later with of all of our characters together.

Oh, and if anyone is interested the game itself is very resonably priced right now, under $20.00. You have to pay a monthly fee, but we are really enjoying it and its been worth the money. I'll post later, all of the things that I've seen that have come from playing WOW. From reading skills to socializing. :)


Heather said...

I can't wait to read more about WOW.

tribalmama said...

Thanks for the kind correction, Kelli! I corrected it in my blog, wizards just didn't sound right, but that's the first thing that came to mind! Told ya I'm clueless about all that!