Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Gaga-ness

We went to the Lady Gaga concert this week. It was pretty amazing. Quite the show.

A few months ago, when we got the tickets, I really wasn't the biggest fan. Kyra was though, so that's what mattered. :) We choked on the price of the tickets a bit, but knew that Kyra really really really wanted to see her. As we got closer to the time of the concert, I was slowly being converted. Lady Gaga would be at rallies promoting acceptance of gay youth, speaking out on stopping bullying and always sending out the message of how you need to love yourself.

How could I not embrace that?

I have a few shots from the concert but only from my phone. We had a great night. Abbi, Samuel, Tracy, Morgan and Melissa joined Kyra and me.

Our bunch at Gaga

The photo below is of the stage from where we were sitting. Don't know if you can see it, but there's a big fish type of monster on the stage. Right in the middle you might be able to see a lit up mouth and eyes. We were supposed to flash our cameras and anything else to help fight it.

Super excited concert go-ers!


Kimba said...

I am glad all of you enjoyed it! Isn't it amazing what our loved ones introduce us to - things we may never have embraced if they did not expose us to these new ideas - love it!

kelli said...

Totally Kimba! I wasn't really the biggest fan of Gaga at first, I'm a big Madonna fan so I thought she was such a knock off. But Kyra opened my eyes and I can see the differences and the awesomeness :)