Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ireland, next week!

So.. we're going on a trip next week and it's going to be pretty special. We're going to Ireland! Another cool thing is that we'll be going with my parents and my in-laws, so we'll all have some wonderful memories. I've been to Ireland before, as have the grand-parents, but this will be Tim's first time and the kids first time to Europe! We're excited :)

We'll be staying in the west, just south of Limerick, near Adair. Pretty close to where I visited before so I'm excited to share this all with Tim and the kids.

Fingers crossed for some warmth and dry weather... yeah.. I know probably not gonna happen.. but I can hope!

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Madeline Rains said...

How exciting. Rain there will be beautiful. Have a wonderful adventure!! We have to get together when you get back.