Friday, July 16, 2010

Growing, growing

Remember the sweet potato plants?

Here they are now!

Yeah, I'm thinkin' sweet potatoes like Georgia weather. We were a bit worried as we were putting them in that we didn't till the dirt enough; or add enough fertilizer/compost types of stuff.. but they sure look healthy. I guess we'll see, I'm guessing in September, how they're doing under the surface.

Some other plants that we're enjoying.

This space is right under our deck. It was empty when we moved in.. just mulch, but we decided to put that ground to work.We have some zinnias, tomatoes, sweet bell pepper, cucumber and mint, oh.. and a mum plant that grows all year round, yeah, I'm still amazed at this growing season. :)

Isn't it amazing how many tomatoes you can grow from just one plant?

Here's Kyra's cucumber plant. She wanted a cucumber plant so badly, so we found this at home depot. I didn't really notice what kind it was. We've discovered, now, that it's a pickling plant. She was worried at first that it wouldn't be that great for just eating raw, but they're just as yummy as ever.

We call it the king of all cucumber plants. We're amazed at how huge it is!

And can you guess how sweet this flower smells? So heavenly the magnolia smells... mmmmm.. and right in my back yard. Nice huh?

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marcia @Child in Harmony said...

Love your garden .
I love pickling cukes...just to eat long as they don't have too many seeds :)

happy day!