Saturday, May 02, 2009

Just me

Madeline tagged me and you're supposed to take a picture of yourself.. right NOW! No primping, no nothin'. I don't usually wear make up so this shouldn't be too bad now should it?

Hmmm, and here I am, right after watching On Golden Pond and telling Abbi and Tim about this tag.

Look at that cool necklace.. made by a certain talented artist... and I'm gonna tag her, cuz she'll soooo love it.... *cough*

Taggin' ---> Rue, Gail, Ronnie, Abbi, Kyra


~Abbiღ said...

I do like this picture of you. ;) And I can't believe that this is the first one you took! And you took it yourself!

Right on. Still very, very pretty. ♥

Ren said...

Hahahaha....I just got off from work and I haven't even changed to go work in the garden yet. Neener, neener. Glad I read your blog now, and not right before bed.:)

mindy said...

ooooh! I love this picture of you. Very cool the glance away from the camera! And that is one happening necklace :)