Friday, February 15, 2008

We're There! Finally!

OK, so our travel day didn't quite go as expected.

Ever seen the movie The Terminal? Yep. That was us. Engine trouble and flight canceled.

14 hours later, we flew to LA and this is our view this morning.

Heading to Universal Studios now, with free preboarding passes for the back lot tour!

Happy Sunny days to you all!


lisa said...

Yay for you guys! Have tons of fun!!
hugs, lisa and ruby

KevinS said...

Welcome to the West coast. Enjoy your stay

Zenmomma said...

Enjoy every single minute of that warm sunshine! I predict that when you return, your home sale will be moving right along.

That's my intention to the Universe anyway.

Love you.

Madeline said...

Sorry about the terminal episode. No fun! Have a wonderful time.

Rachel said...

Kelli, you're busy playing in the abundant sunshine (and going to Legoland! Fun!). But when you get home and are stuck inside for some more 5 degree days, you can play a game of tag...rules are here, if you are so inclined...

Vicki said...

We're in San Diego, too! Del Mar tonight, Imperial Beach yesterday, Carlsbad before that. Not quite as warm as we were expecting, but we bought wet suits and braved the ocean anyway! Hope you guys are having fun, too!

Alex Polikowsky said...

OH Gee. I can honestl say that I am envious.....;)
Enjoy CA and the sun for me.
I lived in So CA years ago and I still love it. My brother is in Santa Cruz up North so if you head that way let me know cause you would love meeting him and his lovely zen wife. She is a Reike master and teaches yoga and they homeschool their oldest. He is a surfer and makes a living installing Solar Power systems.