Friday, August 17, 2012

Enjoying thistles

 I remember seeing Eeyore eating huge thistles in Winnie the Pooh and I always wondered where those were.  In fact the only reason I knew of them was because that was Eeyore's food of choice.  Since living in Georgia I've now seen these gigantic thistles.  Man I love them.   And the blooms on them,  one of my favorite colors.  Such a magnificient shade of lavender.  Love it.

Through the summer I've watched one of these plants grow to maturity.  It's one of my favorite things to look at each time I go on my walk with Saddi.  A couple of weeks ago it was crazy busy with butterflies.  Kyra caught one on a bloom with my phone.

Now this week it's been a golden finch.  Each day as I went by without a camera or phone I was thinking, "Dang!  There he is, where's my camera! What a photo op!"   

 This morning I had my phone with me.  I couldn't get very close but if you look carefully you can see the little guy.  He was working hard, eating out the dried seeds.  Maybe I'll try and get a better camera down there next week.  I wonder if he'll still be around or another creature enjoying the thistle as much as I do.


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Jacqueline Parks said...

I love my thistle too! I actually have one growing in the planter in front of my house, and as it has gone to seed it is better than a bird feeder. Diana has gotten the best pics of goldfinches ever! Her mom makes fun of me for growing a weed, but I have always loved thistles and have fond memories of them from my childhood. My mom use to make Christmas trees out of them, but that is a different story.